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Escape CoverEscape – A Haven Ansley Porter Novel (Book 3)
©D.J.Humphries 2022
Released on November 5, 2022

“The Trickster has claimed Haven as his fated mate, his destined mate, the only person he can be with, and yet, Haven has no attraction to him. Or… she doesn’t at first…? She’s surprised to discover that the longer he’s around, the less that he bothers her, despite the fact that her feelings haven’t changed in the slightest about her own men. It doesn’t help things that Haven’s powers have been changing, growing, though they are truly starting to figure out who she is and what she can do. In the midst of the chaos, they learn that to keep Levi sane, he’ll have to join or start his own pack, which would be fine if Levi wanted to run a pack, or if their new home wasn’t already surrounded by other supernatural groups.

After returning to help out with Marcos’ pack, Haven gets pulled back into the strangeness that she couldn’t quite sort out the last time they were in town. Just as she thinks things are starting to sort themselves out, of course something goes wrong! Caught in a bad situation, completely separated from the people she cares about, will she be able to escape?”

Note to readers: This series is officially a slow-burn “behind-closed-doors” reverse harem and is LGBTQ+ friendly.

Available digitally through and

Available in physical print through

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Trapped_By_Chaos_coverTrapped By Chaos – A Haven Ansley Porter Novel (Book 2)
©D.J.Humphries 2020
Released on April 7, 2020

“After dealing with Zagreus, Haven thought things were finally going to settle down and return to normal – or, well, HER normal at least. When she finally goes off to do another ghost hunting gig with a seemingly perfect client, she thinks things really might be turning around! But when Ezekiel and Karis more or less move in and people start dying around her again, Haven has to admit that something weird is going on. Then Taylor starts going crazy, the angels seem to be out for blood, and somehow Haven finds herself indebted to the local wolf shifter pack – how did things go from settling down to utter chaos and how can she get out of this situation?”

Note to readers: If you have read my Arianna’s Tale stories, please keep in mind that the Haven Ansley Porter characters are older and find themselves in more “adult” situations.

Available digitally through and

Available in physical print through

essenceEssence – A Haven Ansley Porter Novel (Book 1)
©D.J.Humphries 2019
Released on January 14, 2019

“Haven Ansley Porter is a ghost hunter, but not like those crazy people with the vacuum cleaners, and she’s not just a psychic or medium trying to rip people off… What she doesn’t expect is to find herself actually caught in the middle of a murder investigation when she goes out to a normal spirit-removal job. What’s more, she starts getting really weird messages on her phone and comes face to face with a truth that she and her best friend had been ignoring for quite some time. And why won’t the intriguingly attractive cop leave her alone? A mix of mystery, a bit of romance, and a huge dose of the paranormal make up the start to the Haven Ansley Porter series!”

Available digitally through and

Available in physical print through

WolfQueenCoverWolf Queen – Perri’s Story
©D.J.Humphries 2017
Released on December 14, 2017

“A favorite character from the Arianna’s Tale trilogy returns with her own story.
Perri was born into a strict, and rather old-fashioned pack that didn’t suit her more adventurous personality. When she was given a chance to escape to a new pack, she jumps at the opportunity but could never expect the surprises that come her way.
Join Perri on her very own adventure and find out more about Arianna’s best wolf friend in… Wolf Queen – Perri’s Story”
Available digitally through and
Available in physical print through

Arianna and Perri BoxsetArianna’s Tale & Perri’s Story Boxset
The Beginning, Another World, The Resolution, Wolf Queen
©D.J.Humphries 2017
Released on December 14, 2017

“The complete Arianna’s Tale trilogy with spin-off book “Wolf Queen – Perri’s Story” all in one convenient e-book boxset!”

Available digitally through and

ariannastale.pngArianna’s Tale: The Beginning
©D.J.Humphries 2014
Released on December 19, 2014

“At the end of Arianna’s Junior year of high school her life is thrown into disarray. After an incident at home, she and her brothers move to her dad’s house states away and the strangeness only increases. “Normal” takes on a whole different meaning as Arianna is left to wonder when will things settle down in her life again? And is she going completely crazy or are these “coincidences” she keeps noticing actually linked together?”
Available digitally through and
Available in physical print through

BookCoverAnother World in Arianna’s Tale
©D.J.Humphries 2015
Released on July 25, 2015

“After a roller coaster of a year–moving, finding out she was adopted, discovering the existence of werewolves and faeries–Arianna didn’t think her life could get any crazier. But isn’t that precisely when things always get worse? Forced to deal with the loss of her father at the hands of the creature that had attacked her, Arianna finds herself seeking a bit of solitude only to be swept away to another world where she makes even more new discoveries and must fight her way back to the people she cares for.”
Available digitally through and
Available in physical print through

BookCoverGlobeArianna’s Tale: The Resolution
©D.J.Humphries 2016
Released on August 24, 2016

“After escaping her birthmother’s hold on her in Faerie, Arianna returns to the wolf house and her friends only to come face to face with another loss.
With too many memories surfacing in the house, Arianna manages to escape and sets off on her own, trying to find her own way in a world where she doesn’t truly belong.
Will new friends be able to help? Or will she finally have to confront her biggest fear and deal with her faerie heritage? And what happens when an even bigger threat, thought to no longer exist, resurfaces in her world?”
Available digitally through and
Available in physical print through

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