Writer’s Insomnia

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I have finally gotten around to publishing my first book (here), and publishing it has really gotten me motivated to work more on book two in the trilogy. This has resulted in my writing at all hours and places in the day: anytime I can slip out my computer or my phone, or even a piece of paper to write something down on to type up later. Some weird things have accompanied this new found motivation to work on this, and only this, particular story….

1-As more or less stated above, I’m writing on the story any chance I get.

2-I constantly have ideas bouncing around in my head and storylines and conversations running around up there waiting for me to sit down and get them written up.

3-I’ve got the exact opposite of writer’s block! So many ideas bouncing around that I can’t even get to sleep at night for want of writing them down and getting them out of my head, and I want to wake up earlier in the morning (despite the lack of sleep) so that I can write out the ideas that I forced to stop long enough to get a couple of hours of shut eye.

A weird side effect of all of that is this strange daze-like sensation I find myself in most of the day. I’m perfectly capable of carrying on with my day and my jobs, but at least a portion of my mind is constantly working on my story!

My question for you all is this: do you ever experience anything similar? What do you do to overcome the idea-induced insomnia?

Tonight, even though I’ve only gotten about 5 hours of sleep the past two nights and have had busy days in between, I’m still wide awake and can tell that my mind is working on ideas for my story. I’m heading to the kitchen now to make some chamomile tea and see if that will help! I’m also ridiculously tempted to pick up a book and start reading, but, as I’m sure many of you know, that will only result in zero sleep because I will be unable to put it down.

Best Writing!

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