Writing can be hard…

So here’s the honest-to-goodness truth straight from this writer’s mind to her fingertips to your screen and into your head:

Writing can be really hard!

Even now that I have self-published my first trilogy, even now that I’ve got this great idea for a novella that focuses on the life of one of the not-main characters from my trilogy, sometimes I can’t just sit down and write what I want to!

This, right here, is me wanting to write, and feeling creative, but not about what I had planned on writing. I’ve got all of these great ideas for this novella, I’ve gotten probably a third of it written already, I know where it’s going and mostly how it’s going to get there, but some days, I just can’t seem to make myself stop and work on it.

This is probably one of those things that separates me from the really famous, popular, professional writers, but I can’t be sure! I dedicate some time each day to writing, but I’m not so professional about it that I always work on what I should be working on. Again, I’m writing a blog about writing being hard instead of working on the novella. I can’t fully explain why it happens, but, for me, it’s one of the reasons I almost always have more than one project running at a time.

Lately I’ve been wanting to go back to a story that I started last year (and dropped like a cold fish because I lost interest) and rework the whole thing with this new twist on it. I keep stopping and going “Wait… What? That story? I haven’t even thought about that story in MONTHS! Why do I want to work on that story?” All the while the ideas for the novella that I need to finish are playing around in my head and working themselves out.

My point got deleted! Ah, the age of the internet… Computers and their glitches… My point is something along the lines of don’t always be afraid of taking the step away from what you should be working on, whether to pursue another creative idea or just to get your mind off of it, sometimes the should work just needs to be shelved for a moment. Trust me, in the long run, your readers will probably appreciate the extra time you took to write it (even while they’re hating how long it took to come out) because the final project will be a true work of love!

Keep reading! And keep writing!

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