Transitional Phase

Hi all!

So as you can see (if you saw the old), I have definitely made some huge headway toward getting my website set up the way I want it to be 🙂 Thank you for your patience while I shift over to it being more website instead of only blog! I’m not thrilled with any of the Themes that WordPress is offering so I think I’m going to look into creating my own (yup, I’m that crazy person).

In the meantime, an anecdote…

At work the other day, one of the interns asked me where I get the inspiration for my books and I realized just how odd the answer to that question can be! Of course there’s the general “I had this really weird dream and remembered enough of it that it was the starting point for the story” (that one’s not unique), but the fact that I spun an entire book off of the way that the moonlight was playing on the skin of my arm through my blinds one night… that’s a little more odd! And this year’s NaNoWriMo novel is me taking the overarching idea I’d had for a book a while back, but I didn’t like where it had headed, so I’m keeping the main concepts and characters, and redoing it–but that entire setting popped in my head from driving around Indiana down this road where you’re running parallel to the train tracks with a small-ish strip of grass between the road and train tracks, and twice (only twice!) these two huge trees that look like they had been planted side-by-side ages ago pop up between you and the tracks, probably a couple of miles apart… What that has to do with ghost hunting and demons and mysterious deaths, I have no idea… but that’s where it led me!

Anyway! Thank you again for your patience as I continue working on my site! And Keep Reading!

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