New Releases!

Wolf Queen – Perri’s Story and Arianna’s Tale & Perri’s Story Boxset are now available! (details on where to purchase available on my Books page)

I am super excited to announce that Wolf Queen – Perri’s Story is finally finished and available for purchase, not only because Perri was one of my favorite characters in the original Arianna’s Tale trilogy, and not even just because it was supposed to be a novella but Perri had a lot more story to give than I could squish into a novella… But also because this all spurred from the fact that my niece, Perri, asked me to include her in my books. I never knew that (loosely) basing a character off of my beautiful, amazing niece would bring such stories to life and I am thrilled to share these with you!

As always, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave reviews! We self-published authors live off of our online reviews – they let other potential readers get a little better insight into whether or not they’ll like the story, and they give us writers feedback from our beloved readers!

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