Disappearances, Updates, and Moving Forward

Firstly, I know I don’t have the largest following and you all might not have even noticed my absence… However, I do apologize for it! To help save money to move, I turned off my internet services and strictly used my phone for internet which made keeping up with my blog nearly impossible! But now that I have moved and settled into my new home, I have real internet again and will definitely be back to posting on a regular basis!

Secondly, book two, Another World in Arianna’s Tale, is now available for Kindle on Amazon here.


You can also purchase an in-your-hand printed paperback copy on CreateSpace here (or through Amazon). Since this is a site where I’m trying to also provide some insight for other authors, I will say that if you do choose to purchase the print copy, I get a little bit more back in royalties if you purchase it directly from CreateSpace!

Touching on that topic, here’s what I have to offer to other writers wanting to get into the “published works” field:

-This thing (book/novel/novella/poem) that you’ve written and want to get out to the public, it is your work. Maybe you got some help along the way with editing, proofing, ideas, or creating a cover, or maybe you’re like me and you did it all on your own. Either way, it makes it a little more difficult to see just how much of the cost of creating the book that the publisher keeps. It’s not to say that they don’t do a good bit themselves, but it always stings just a little bit when trying to balance a price for my readers to pay versus how much I’m actually going to get back in royalties.

-Now, keeping that in mind, when your readers buy directly from the publisher and there isn’t yet another middleman for them to go through (i.e. with mine if you go directly through CreateSpace instead of through Amazon), then you, the writer, get a little bit more back in royalties. Just be aware that the more you limit availability of purchase, the less likely people will make the purchase, and you don’t want to price anything too high because again, people won’t want to pay that much.

-Also consider when you’re writing more than one book discounting the price of the first one when you get to the second one and then the second one when you get to the third one and so on. I think this is a pretty obvious thing and I see a lot of authors doing it already, but I think it makes it easier for people to come in on the middle of your series and get caught up because they’re more likely to pay a little bit here and there to catch up on an unknown author than they are to jump into a bigger price point when they don’t even know if they’ll like your stories.

So that’s all the news for today I think! Keep reading and I hope you’ll check out my new book 🙂 From the little bit of feedback I’ve gotten directly so far, it seems to be going over pretty well, but I’d love to hear from more readers!

2 thoughts on “Disappearances, Updates, and Moving Forward

  1. Dear Miss Humpfries,
    I tried your code PK63X listen on the back of the first book, but Amazon says the code was wrong.
    The expiration date is listed (in the book) as July 1,2016.
    Thank you,


    1. Hello Mosquitohawk,

      I am so sorry for the confusion! The coupon code only works through Smashwords.com (though you can download the Kindle copy through them).

      Please try the following link:
      If you click on “Buy” then there will be a box where you can enter the coupon code and “apply coupon” and you should be good to go!

      Please let me know if you have any issues with this and thanks for reading!


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