Midnight Over Moores

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I just read this up and coming author’s new book, and wanted to let you guys know about it!

Midnight Over Moores is a fantastic story that follows Jenna as she moves across country to attend boarding school and quickly finds herself caught up in a mystery that has slipped through the cracks of time. Your first clue that things have been a little different in Jenna’s life comes almost immediately with a visit from her Nana, but she doesn’t really begin questioning her family history until after a startling, supernatural revelation at a local party. You will have a wonderful time keeping pace right beside Jenna as she seeks out new clues to bring resolution to a community, and a family, that she develops a deep connection to.

Author AMH Johnson does a fabulous job of painting the unique scenery that engulfs Jenna while she searches for clues and you will find yourself wanting to take a trip to the northern U.S., or curl up with a cup of cocoa to stave off the wintry chill. Of course, once you reach the end of the story, you will find yourself hoping that the next book is released soon!

If you’re up for a good read that’s a combination of mystery, the supernatural, and teenage life, you can purchase the book here!

Cover of Midnight Over Moores by AMH Johnson

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